This book is amazing! Definitely the best resource out there for protecting games, both from technical and design standpoints. The time it would take to learn everything listed in the book using free resources available on the internet would be immense, and some information - such as how to properly deal with gold farmers - … Continue reading Amazing …Best resource from a technical and design perspective…


Amazing …Best resource from a technical and design perspective…

With the arrival of online gambling, massively multiplayer games and services like XBox Live come a much larger audience and a widening demographic scope. These players have helped turn the game industry into a money-making behemoth. As large and popular as this industry has become it has done a surprisingly poor job of addressing the … Continue reading Arms us with the knowledge we need

Arms us with the knowledge we need

Steven has been an invaluable resource, advising us on a full spectrum of security and business issues related to our peer-to-peer MMO and unique game and IT concerns. He is the leading authority on game security today and his advice has already saved us untold time, money, and missteps. He clearly understands the business of … Continue reading Invaluable resource for security and business issues

Invaluable resource for security and business issues

Steven Davis is deeply informed on the increasingly important and complex security issues arising in the online gaming field. He has led the field in recognizing the connection between security and profitability. I have found his advice invaluable as a magazine writer and as a game designer. Allen Varney Owner/operator of the Bundle of Holding

“…recognizing the connection between security and profitability”

Steve is a true expert on the subject of game security. I've met many security consultants and many game consultants, but Steve is the only person I've found who can honestly claim to have expert knowledge in both areas, and an excellent understanding of how the two areas interact. John West CEO, Westech Media, LLC … Continue reading True security expert

True security expert

Steven has consulted my start up company on gaming security, He has been very knowledgeable and helpful. I would certainly recommend Steven as he has shown extensive knowledge in this field. Aaron Sims VP of Business Development at Mountain Empire Agency Alliance

Knowledgeable and helpful for my startup

Steven's knowledge of applied cryptograpy was really invaluable. And his advice helped us to choose different business solution, which turns to advantage and saved much time. Alexander Haiduk Software Engineer at Apple

Invaluable knowledge,saved us time

Steven's take on security is very common sense- and business-driven, at the exact opposite of solution vendors trying to sell you a silver bullet. His recommendations are generally simple and easy to implement, providing that relevant stakeholders in the development and operations of the game are committed to security from early on in the project … Continue reading Common sense and business driven security

Common sense and business driven security