This book is amazing! Definitely the best resource out there for protecting games, both from technical and design standpoints. The time it would take to learn everything listed in the book using free resources available on the internet would be immense, and some information – such as how to properly deal with gold farmers – would have to be learned almost by trial and error.

The book also deals with some eye-opening facts, such as how terrorists are using game communication tools to avoid the NSA, and how to deal with that problem.

Overall the only issue I found with this book is that it’s from 2009, and the gaming landscape has changed a lot since then, with mobiles and free-to-play now becoming more prevalent than the traditional formats like MMORPG and match-based multiplayer. I’m not going to withhold a star from it due to this, because it’s no-one’s fault: the book was extremely comprehensive for its time and the advice it does contain is as relevant as ever (that is, the only fault is that it omits some new issues, but everything it has is still spot-on).

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Amazing …Best resource from a technical and design perspective…

Steven’s take on security is very common sense- and business-driven, at the exact opposite of solution vendors trying to sell you a silver bullet.

His recommendations are generally simple and easy to implement, providing that relevant stakeholders in the development and operations of the game are committed to security from early on in the project : just like service design or marketing, it is not the problem of the specifically assigned department, and it can’t be added as an afterthought.

The book is not limited to technical risks, but also covers business and game design issues, and so can be read by anyone working in the games industry, not only technical people. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable read about the security game – the one played by your company, against an infinite horde of opponents armed with a lot of time, wits and resources.

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Common sense and business driven security